2x Shortened Drop Links to fit: Audi A3 Mk1 8L from 1996-2003

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Here’s everything you need to know about these:

Prosport Shortened Drop Links A3 Mk1

Key Features:

All steel construction

Adjustable length

Reduces strain on OEM-specification components after lowering

Why are they needed?

When lowering a car the position of the anti-roll bar in relation to other suspension components can change, so it increases the chance of components hitting each other.

Additionally, on Coilover Units, the brackets to attach the drop links are often mounted at a lower point on the unit than the OEM position, so on a Coilover unit, this effectively shortens the gap between the bracket and the roll bar itself. In this case, a standard length drop link will try to force the roll bar into a different position.

So, fitting a set of Prosport Shortened Drop Links will help to overcome the following issues:

– Increased strain on the drop link ball joints and mounting bracket

– Accelerated wear on the ball joints

– Contact with drive shafts or other components, causing noise


These Prosport Shortened Drop Links will fit Audi A3 Mk1 8L models, made from 1996-2003

Compatible with Prosport Coilover Kit Number: 150104

Specifications in Detail:

Length: 115-160mm

Thread size: M10

Good to Know:

These links are a direct replacement for the OEM parts

Corrosion-resistant finish

Never use an air-ratchet/electric gun or similar to install the nuts. This can damage the ball joints/rubber boots. There are flat edges on the shoulder at the base of the threaded section to enable use of a spanner to hold the shaft while fitting the nut.

In the Box:

Front shortened drop link x2


Although we have tried to include all of the information you’ll need, if you have any questions please send us a message


Kit Number: 130002

Prosport Shortened Drop Links A3 Mk1