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Returns Policy

If you are not happy with your item, then you are entitled to a full refund (including the original postage cost) if it is returned within 14 days. It would help us if you can include a brief note to tell us why you are returning an item.

If you have simply changed your mind or have purchased an item in error then you have to cover return shipping costs (we suggest using a trackable method). The product will need to be returned in its original packaging, be complete and must not have been installed. A handling charge of up to 15% may be applied.

However; if you are returning the item because it is damaged on receipt, faulty or in any way not as described, then you will not be responsible for the return postage (proof of damage will be required).

Returns should be sent to: Prosport Performance Ltd, Unit 4 Hurricane Close, Old Sarum, Salisbury, SP4 6LG.

Warranty Terms and Conditions                        

Prosport Performance Ltd (we, our, us) products are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with TüV regulations and/or ISO 9001:2015¹. This means that our products meet the quality requirements set out on the Consumer Right Act 2015 (CRA). Purchasers (you, your) of our products will be protected by both the CRA and our own warranty.

You can see the full details of the CRA online, the most important aspects of your protection under this act are as follows:

a. You have the right to reject any goods supplied by Prosport Performance Ltd within a period of 30 days from the purchase date and request a full refund if the goods are of unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described. The goods must be returned in their original packaging and must contain all parts as originally supplied. Any missing parts or damage to the component(s) may affect the amount refunded.

b. If a fault occurs within 6 months from the date of purchase you can return any component which has developed a fault and we can choose to repair or replace the part if a manufacturing defect has caused the fault. We will need to inspect* any claimed component before we can confirm that a manufacturing defect has caused the fault.

c. If a fault occurs between 6 and 12 months from the date of purchase, the CRA says that you will have to prove that the fault existed at the time of purchase. However, we will always treat any claim with an open mind and if we think there has been a genuine product failure we will honour claims during the 6-12 month period. As above we will need to inspect* any claimed component before we can make a judgement.

* We are very keen to make sure we deal with any issues in a fair way for all concerned, so because the law says that any goods with a suspected fault must be returned to the retailer (us) for inspection, and that is not always convenient or possible with car suspension parts, we offer these choices:

1.     Replacement parts can be supplied on payment of a deposit for each component. The deposit amount will be set by Prosport depending upon the particular component involved. You will need to arrange to send the claim item to Prosport for inspection. If a manufacturing defect can be confirmed on inspection by Prosport, the deposit payment (including postage) will be refunded within 5 working days of receipt of the claim item, a completed claim form and any other documents requested by us.

2.     Alternatively products can be returned to Prosport for inspection and be replaced or repaired if required. If no manufacturing defect exists, the replacement item will be chargeable at the retail price for the individual component. 

In cases 1 and 2, a claim form/Technical Information Sheet will need to be completed in full and BEFORE removal of the claimed part(s). We will let you know about this at the time of arranging to send replacement part(s) to you.

The warranty provides cover for all components supplied as part(s) of a Prosport Coilover kit, purchased from Prosport directly or from an approved Prosport distributor, against a manufacturing defect occurring within the periods described below from the original purchase date. To keep the full cover provided by the warranty, you will need to have the product fitted by a trained professional Motor Mechanic or Vehicle Technician and the product will need to be adjusted to the settings shown on the documentation provided when you purchase the product. Proof of purchase will be required.

Prosport Lowering Spring kits also have TUV certification (exceptions apply), these kits have a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser of a Sportspring kit purchased directly from Prosport or from an approved Prosport distributor. In the event of a claim, proof of purchase and identity will be required.

The warranty does not cover any labour costs and/or consequential damage whether directly or indirectly caused as a result of the installation of any Prosport Performance Ltd product. 

A warranty claim may be rejected or delayed if insufficient details are provided. Please make sure that all information requested on the Technical Information Form is provided.

Warranty periods:

Prosport LZT-Line Coilovers: 12 months

Prosport DZT-Line Coilovers: 24 months²

Prosport Lowering Spring Kits: Lifetime (remaining period of kit purchaser's ownership of the vehicle)

Spacer Kits: 12 Months

Drop link kits: 12 Months / 12000 miles.


¹ All of our products are manufactured and designed to be of the same quality however not all have current TüV certification. The web shop product listings will include confirmation of whether the kit has TüV or ISO 9001:2015 certification.

² UK residents only 

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