Rear lowering brackets / shackle kit to fit VW Caddy Mk3 2004-2010 1.9TDI 2.0SDI 2.0TDI

Fits: 1.9 TDI / 2.0 SDI / 2.0 TDI


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Everything you need to know about this:

Prosport Rear Shackle Kit Caddy Mk3 1.9TDI 2.0SDI 2.0TDI

This Shackle Kit Fits:

VW Caddy Mk3 2K models, made from 2004-2010: 1.9 TDI / 2.0 SDI / 2.0 TDI

Good to Know:

This Prosport Shackle Kit allows re-positioning of the rear axle to the top of the leaf springs (also known as an axle-flip).
The heavy-duty Brackets are designed to safely secure the rear axle in its new position.
This Shackle Kit comes with all the parts you need to complete the axle-flip.
The Bracket Kit includes Multi-stage hangers for the rear of the leaf spring to allow you to select your preferred lowering amount.
Front Lowering Springs are available to complement this product, Click Here for details.
Shortened Rear Shock Absorbers are also available, click here for details.

Lowering amount:

This Shackle Kit / Bracket Kit will lower the rear of your VW Caddy by 50-85mm

In the Box:

4 x Leaf-Spring hangers.
2 x Clamp kits with nuts/bolts
Accessory pack:
2 x Shims to allow for the different sizes of rear axle locating pins
4 x Replacement nuts and washers for leaf-spring rear mounting bolts
2 x Replacement trim clips


This product must only be installed by a qualified vehicle technician, preferably with experience of lowering Caddy vans using this type of kit.

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Prosport Rear Shackle Kit Caddy Mk3 1.9TDI 2.0SDI 2.0TDI

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