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About Our Company

About Our Products

DZT-Line vs LZT-Line


General fitting instructions


About Our Company

As a company, Prosport Performance Ltd can trace its roots back to the early 2000s and began when we saw that the performance suspension market was not catering for an ever-growing demand for a UK based, cost-effective, quality lowering product. 

Prosport began selling a range of performance suspension and tuning parts in 2002, gradually refining our range until we were proudly able to introduce our own brand in 2012 when the company was relaunched as Prosport Performance Ltd. Since then our sales of Coilover Kits, Lowering Spring Kits and Wheel Spacers have gone from strength to strength.

Prosport is a UK based business and together with our European development and testing facilities we are able to monitor the quality of our products so we can be confident that our customers will get the best possible value for money.


About Our Products

Prosport Coilover Kits are manufactured to our specifications under the strict control of ISO9001:2015 and TUV Certification, so you can be confident that our Coilover Kits have the quality you can trust and due to our huge buying power we are able to offer unbeatable value for money on our range of Coilovers and Lowering Spring kits.

Prosport has a great range of Coilover kits to fit all popular makes including VW, Audi, BMW, Ford, Vauxhall, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes, MINI, Volvo, Peugeot, Mazda, Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Prosport has a constant programme of development with new products being regularly introduced.

All Prosport Coilover kits are covered by a minimum of 12 Months Warranty. (see 'Returns' section for full Warranty Info.)

A range of shortened drop links is available to complement our Coilovers and Lowering Spring kits.

Prosport Lowering Spring Kits (Sportsprings) are made only for us under the strict quality control measures required to achieve TUV Certification. he majority of lowering spring kits have full TUV certification, the individual product listings will show the certification status of the product. The Prosport range of Lowering Springs is available for all of the makes listed above and a few more! 

Our lowering springs are made by an OEM parts manufacturer. OEM manufacturers are required to have extensive in-house testing facilities to ensure quality, durability and consistent performance of their products. Every spring is measured and tested during its manufacturing process and will be rejected automatically if it does not meet the exacting standards required. The assurance that the testing processes ensure mean that when you buy a Prosport Lowering Spring kit, you'll receive a product that is guaranteed to fit, to perform consistently and you will enjoy Warranty cover for as long as you keep the car thanks to our Lifetime Warranty (terms and conditions apply).

Prosport also offer a huge range of Wheel Spacer Kits to complete that look.

All stock is held in our warehouse in the UK, ready for fast shipping. 

We're particularly proud of the durability of Prosport products, but if you ever need any replacement parts, we can normally help (subject to product availability), so please contact us.


DZT-Line vs LZT-Line

The LZT-Line is our original range of quality assured Coilovers, with a wide range of applications.

Product features:

- Manufactured to TUV quality standards (see listings for TUV certification status of individual products)

- Minimum of a 12-month warranty (see T&Cs and product listing for details)

- Zinc plated Coilover body for enhanced corrosion protection

- Durable powder-coat spring finish

- Blue Springs

- Engineered to provide a compliant but sporty ride

- Dampers uprated by 30% over standard (non-Sport) units for better spring control


The DZT-Line is our budget range of Coilovers, offering similar levels of lowering as our original range. Our buying power has allowed us to negotiate great prices for the DZT-Line, which we are able to pass on to our customers in the form of very competitive prices.

Product features:

- Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards

- 1 year warranty (see T&Cs)

- Zinc plated Coilover body

- Durable powder-coat spring finish

- Red Springs

- Firmer ride than LZT-Line

- Dampers uprated over standard (non-Sport) units


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to lower my car but I've heard that Coilovers give a really hard ride.

Coilovers will firm up the ride on your car and the lower you go, the firmer it will be. Prosport Coilovers get a lot of praise for the ride quality because we have designed them to give a good balance between a sporty and compliant ride. So, don't worry, Prosport Coilovers can be fitted to your daily!

What's the difference between LZT-Line and DZT-Line Coilovers?

Please see the details further up this page.

Can I leave the adjusters out to get a lower ride?

Please don't. Whilst it may look like a good idea, it really isn't! The adjusters, springs and shock absorbers are carefully designed to offer a maximum safe and reliable lowering amount shown in the product description. Leaving the adjusters out means the shock absorbers are in danger of suffering damage or leaks and there’s a chance that the springs could become displaced. 

Can I lower the car by more than the amount in the product description?

Because the components are designed to work together and have been tested to be safe and reliable within the lowering amounts described, the car must be kept within the lowering range to make sure your Prosport Coilovers give you long-lasting and safe service. 

What’s the warranty?

Please see the warranty section on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page for details of the different warranties on Prosport products: T&Cs and Warranty Information 

Where do you ship to?

The prices on the website include shipping to mainland England, Wales and Scotland (except Scottish Highlands). Prices for deliveries to other UK destinations will be added at checkout after you input your shipping address details. We can also ship to most worldwide addresses. International shipping rates are based on the size and weight of the item, so please contact us, providing the product SKU or kit number and destination, so we can advise on shipping costs. 

Do I need any extra parts?

A Prosport Coilover kit contains everything you need to install the product. The parts contained in the kit are a direct replacement for the original equipment components. Everything else is kept (like suspension top mounts). In some cases, and depending on the amount of lowering, shortened drop links/anti-roll bar links are recommended, this is shown on the product listing. 

Can I fit lowering springs or Coilovers myself?

Due to the safety-critical nature of vehicle suspension, Prosport products must only be fitted by a person who holds an automotive industry-recognised training certificate (NVQ, City & Guilds etc.). We recommend that the installer specialises in, or has broad knowledge of, the brand of vehicle that the product will be fitted to. Professional installation is also a condition of the product certification and Prosport Warranty. Please see the warranty section on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page for details of the different warranties on Prosport products: T&Cs and Warranty Information . For the above reasons, kit-specific fitting instructions are not provided, but general instructions can be found below.

Will I always get the lowering amount shown on the product details?

The lowering amounts shown are taken from an installation of the Prosport product on to a new vehicle, fitted with standard suspension. Because Prosport products are normally fitted to used vehicles, it is possible that the existing parts being replaced are worn or weakened and have allowed the car to naturally sit lower than it would have when it was new, so the full amount of lowering may not be achievable. Also, vehicles fitted with a sport suspension option (as in S-Line or M-Sport models, for example) will normally have a lower ride height than standard models, so the amount of lowering will be reduced. In all cases, a ride-height measurement of the vehicle should always be taken before starting work to provide a reference for the amount of lowering achieved.

How is the standard ride height measured?

The correct way (and the method used in TUV certification) to measuring vehicle ride height is to take a vertical measurement from the centre of the wheel to the nearest point on the wheel arch. This measurement is always consistent and will not be affected by wheel and tyre size, tyre wear etc. Vehicle manufacturers apply differing requirements for establishing the ride height - for example:

• a certain level of fuel in the tank

• a pre-determined weight for a driver and passengers

We recommend checking with the manufacturer of your vehicle to confirm the measurement requirements.

Why is my car not level?

This can be due to many reasons, the two most common are:

1. An illusion caused by the way the wheel arches are designed. The highest point of the rear wheel arch is often closer to the ground than the front wheel arch, so this can give an impression, especially on lowered cars, that the ride height is uneven and lower at the back.

2. Some cars, especially BMWs, have a higher ride height on one side of the car. This can be for many reasons, but it is important to check the ride heights before doing any work, to provide a reference point for the lowering procedure. It is OK to set the adjuster rings at different levels on either side of the car if required.

How soon will I receive my order?

Please see the ‘Delivery’ page for details of dispatch and shipping times available: Delivery Information


General Fitting Instructions

Before commencing any work on the vehicle, ensure that all safety precautions have been implemented.

 1.       Installation of Lowering Coil-springs and/or Coilovers must be carried out by a person with the relevant training* and experience. This is a condition of the product certification and of the warranty cover for the product.

2.        Make a note of the standard ride height, by measuring vertically from the centre of the wheel to the lower edge of the wheel arch. This data will be needed when setting up the new ride height of the vehicle.

3.        Make sure you have identified the correct parts to be installed in the front and the rear of the vehicle.

4.        Always follow the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer when you disassemble the original equipment strut.

5.        Make sure you observe the orientation of the standard components. The shock absorbers supplied in the Coilover Kit will be a direct replacement for the standard equipment parts. Pay particular attention to the position of any washers etc. and be sure to re-install them in the same position.

6.        Before installation, prime the shock absorbers by fully compressing and allowing them to fully extend – do this at least 4-5 times or until the full damping effect is achieved.

7.        Always apply a liberal coating of Copper Grease to the threaded sections, particularly in the area where the lock rings and/or adjuster rings will be positioned.

8.        Some of the standard vehicle suspension parts will be needed during installation (for example: suspension top mounts/bearings/bolts etc.), do not throw anything away yet.

9.        In most cases, for kits with separate springs and ride-height adjusters, the rear spring rubber seats should be removed before installing the replacement spring/adjuster assembly.

10.     We recommend fitting new suspension top mounts when installing a Coilover kit.

11.     Use ONLY suitable and/or special tools recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Only use hand tools and do not use an air wrench/ air-gun / impact wrench during fitting - damage to the seals can occur, leading to oil leaks. Never use pliers/mole grips etc. to hold the piston shaft when fitting the top nuts to avoid damage to the surface which can cause leaks. The shock absorbers have built-in devices to prevent the shaft from rotating.

12.     For shock absorbers with ‘eye’ mounting points, do not tighten the securing nuts/bolts until the vehicle's weight is being fully supported by its own wheels.

13.     Do not overtighten the piston-rod (top) nuts. Recommended torque settings for the piston-rod (top) nuts are according to the table below:















14.     Torque settings for all other suspension nuts/bolts must match the vehicle manufacturer’s specification.

15.     Always fit all parts supplied and do not modify any of the supplied components.

16.     In the case of Coilovers, when setting the ride height of the vehicle, pay attention to the advertised lowering amounts and never lower by more than the maximum drop specified for the kit. Refer to the standard ride height measurement as described in step 1.

17.     Do not overtighten the adjuster lock rings.

18.     After installation of Lowering springs or Coilovers it is necessary to check the toe, kpi and camber values. Lowering a vehicle will affect the suspension geometry, so adjustments should be made to the geometry to bring the vehicle in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications where possible.

19.     Make sure that the chassis and body has adequate ground clearance. It is also very important that the tyres and wheels have good clearance from the suspension components and bodywork.

20.     All of the wheel/tyre-combinations which are fitted as standard, factory-fitted equipment to the vehicle are compatible with any of our Lowering spring and Coilover kits. Use of non-standard-equipment wheels is not recommended for safety reasons.

21.     After installation and suspension adjustments have been carried out, check all functions which are affected by the vehicle ride-height, such as headlamp aim, separate automatic levelling device etc. Make any necessary adjustments.

22.     All modifications and conversions to your vehicle must be declared to the relevant authority and your insurance company when it is operated on public roads.

23.     Our Lowering springs and Coilovers are tested for suitability on standard production vehicles. Our Lowering springs and Coilovers may not provide the desired effect if non-standard equipment or accessories are installed or modifications have been carried out such as engine swap, engine ancillary equipment changes, larger wheels, larger brakes, LPG system, ICE installs, interior modifications and when standard equipment has been removed from the vehicle to reduce weight etc.

24.     You must always fit bump-stops and dust covers on the front and rear whether provided in the kit or installed on the standard component. Bump stops and dust covers are not always included. The parts can be purchased separately if required.

25.     Installation of the components must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer if there is not a specific installation instruction provided.

26.     According to vehicle version and lowering amount, shortened anti-roll bar links (drop links) may be required and/or as recommended by Prosport.

27.     For vehicles fitted with electronic damping control, electronically controlled self-levelling suspension or active suspension, this must be checked and re-set or re-coded as required by a garage with suitable equipment.

28.     After installation, carry out a short road test, then measure the new ride-height as described in step 1. The new (minimum) ride height should be at least the original ride-height (as measured in step 1) minus the maximum drop stated in the product listing. If the new ride height is too low, adjust the vehicle to the correct ride height. Failure to set the vehicle to at least the minimum permitted ride height as described above will invalidate the warranty.

*City and Guilds Motor Vehicle Level 3, NVQ Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 3 or equivalent. The installer should have experience of installing and setting-up Coilover Suspension.

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